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News & Information
The Cancer Health 25: Black Lives Matter

PHEN's Thomas Farrington is named as one of Cancer Health Magazine's 25 "change makers" who are fighting to break down barriers to the best cancer care for all Americans. 

African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Rally - An Update on Activities

Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) campaign features messgaes from clergy, medical, congressional leaders and patients on radio stations and social media.

Designing Immune Cells to Hunt Down Prostate Cancer

Increasing numbers of clinical trials look at new ways to harness power of your immune system.  

Webinar: "Prostate Cancer Risk Levels & Treatment Options"

A presentation and round-table with prostate cancer survivors exploring their experiences when initially diagnosed and identifying risk levels and treatment options using PHENPath.com.

Daddy's Boys Genetic testing results, early detection and the return of Loretta

Pops gets the results of his genetic testing. The merits of early detection testing is discussed using barbershop vernacular, and Charles finds out that Loretta is coming back to town.