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Prostate cancer survivor shares his journey

Prostate cancer survivor shares his journey through treatments and successful participation in a clinical trial which could benefit others.

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Can lifestyle changes impact prostate cancer?

While on active surveillance, this survivor changed his eating and exercise pattern and wants other Black men to know about the impact it could have.

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Can a plant-based diet help prostate cancer?

This prostate cancer survivor certainly believes so.  He went from receiving end-of-life care to showing no signs of prostate cancer within two months of a strict whole-food, plant-based diet.  Hear his story here:

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Newly FDA Approved Prostate Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Medical Directors and a Liaison from five major pharmaceutical companies discussed the newest FDA-Approved prostate cancer diagnostics and therapeutics available now.   

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Houston TX Prostate Cancer Virtual Town Hall Meeting

PHEN held a virtual meeting with several people from the Houston area to discuss ways to promote prostate cancer awareness messages.  Collaborating between organizations and engaging people on a grassroots level will help quickly spread the word about early detection screening.   Watch Now

Strategies to Diversify Participation in Clinical Trials

Biopharmaceuticals and healthcare organizations have essential personnel devoted to closing gaps in clinical trial disparities.

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