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Moderator Rev. Adrian Backus provided an overview of the prostate cancer disparity rally's objectives

We launched PHEN’s prostate cancer disparity rally to educate and mobilize communities.

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Thomas Farrington Opens the Second Session of the Summit

We know that there must be a ground game at the grassroots level to make progress towards eliminating the prostate cancer disparity"

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PHEN Summit Session II...

...with panel on “Educating and Mobilizing African American Communities in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer”.  PHEN continued the momentum of its 18th Annual Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit...


PHEN Kicks off its 18th Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit

September is prostate cancer awareness month. PHEN kicked-off the first of four summit sessions: “Understanding and Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Prostate Cancer Racial Disparity.”   
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Congressman Gregory Meeks Opening Summit Remarks

“It’s the job of African American men, their wives, their brothers, sisters, their aunts, their uncles, their cousins, it’s all of us, their friends, coming together to stay focused on making sure that African American men get tested.” - Congressman Gregory Meeks

New Prostate Cancer Cases Increasing Faster Than Any Other Major Cancer

The ACS estimated a 30% increase in new prostate cancer cases in 2021 with an additional 8% increase for 2022 for 268,490 new cases in 2022 alone. Black men are most impacted.   Dr. Keith Crawford presented key prostate cancer statistics during summit session I...........