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News & Information
Considerations for the Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer

"New effective drugs are coming, and more data is continually needed for minority populations." Presentation by Jacob Berchuck, MD (Dana-Farber).

PHEN Community Outreach and Initiatives

Dr. Alyn Waller (Philadelphia, PA), Dr. Dwight Jones (Richmond, VA) and Mr. Donald Jones (Pennsylvania, PA) discuss PHEN's strong partnerships with churches and other community organizations.

PHEN Survey Results of Black Patientsí Experiences and Perspectives on Telemedicine

Patient education is needed for telemedicine to have a major impact on eliminating the racial disparity, presented by Keith Crawford, MD, PhD

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Increased Telemedicine Use for Prostate Cancer

Telehealth has the potential to reduce racial disparity in prostate cancer; however, telehealth, like all healthcare is dependent on...

Daddy's Boys Reach out as PHEN ambassadors, and Charles Love Triangle Tightens

Junior and Uncle Bae Bae take their mission as PHEN ambassadors to the streets. Charles love triangle entanglement gets tighter.