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The TITAN clinical trial is for patients with prostate cancer that has spread to their bones but androgen deprivation (hormone) therapy is still effective in keeping the PSA low. This is called Metastatic Hormone-sensitive Prostate Cancer (mHSPC).

Patients who participate in the TITAN trial are randomly (by chance) assigned to a group (Arm) whose treatment is a combination of ARN-509 plus FDA approved androgen deprivation therapy, or to a group (Arm) whose treatment is a placebo plus the androgen deprivation therapy.

TITAN is a phase 3 clinical trial which will enroll 1000 patients. The trial began in 2015 and the primary completion date is 2020.

Possible potential benefits include slowing the progression of prostate cancer and prolonging life. Researchers are also monitoring to see whether there is a delayed onset in pain progression, delayed chronic use of opioids (pain relievers), delayed bone problems, and delayed chemotherapy.             

If you are interested in this trial, you can take these actions:

     Use the “clinical trials glossary” and “dictionary” for words, phrases, and treatments that you may not understand.

     Click here to determine your eligibility to participate in this trial.

     Register your interest or comments about this trial with PHEN

PHEN Contact: 617-481-4020

Clinical Trial Sponsor: Janssen Oncology (Aragon Pharmaceuticals)

* Please Note: This information is provided for education and awareness purposes. A decision on clinical trials participation is to be made between the patient and his doctor.

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