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PHEN 11th Annual African-American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit - You Are Invited

The African American Prostate Cancer Burden - A National Review


Management of Localized Prostate Cancer Shows Improvement
Rate of new prostate cancer diagnoses drops
Active Surveillance of Prostate Cancer Increasing in the U.S.
Dr. Artie Shelton Educates Veterans in Washington, DC

A member of PHEN's survivor network.
Senator John Kerry Introduces Senate Resolution 529: History File

At PHEN's 2nd Annual Summit in 2006 Senator John Kerry introduces a resolution calling for increased government resources for the African American prostate cancer crisis. The resolution was passed as Senate Resolution 529 in 2012.

Charlie Wilson Performs for PHEN: History File

Charlie Wilson Performs for PHEN during its 2010 Annual Summit in Washington, DC

PHEN's 7th Annual Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer Open for Registration here
Addressing Sexual Dysfunction Issues

Dr. Arthur L. Burnett II, A world authority on erectile dsyfunction at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. presents at PHEN's 2014 summit in Washington, DC.
12th Annual Tee Off to Fight Prostate Cancer: Click to Register

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 at the Franklin Park Golf Course, beginning at 7:30 am.

Survey Shows Most Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Ignore Their Symptoms As Disease Progresses

A Bayer Healthcare survey
Prostate cancer attacks NC black men at startling rate

News article features Rev. Thomas Walker a member of PHEN's survivor network.
Educational Symposium: African American Prostate Cancer Crisis
Watchful Waiting May Not Be Best for Black Men With Prostate Cancer
Myriad Receives Draft Medicare Coverage for Prolaris
Charlie Hill

2014 Summit Registration

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