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PHEN Summit to Focus on Black Men's Most Pressing Prostate Cancer Issues

World-Renowned Medical Experts to Address Prostate Cancer Issues.

Addressing Sexual Dysfunction Issues

Dr. Arthur L. Burnett II. A world authority on erectile dsyfunction will present at the PHEN summit.
PHEN Summit: Prostate Cancer Is Up Among young men

Dr. Kathleen Cooney will present about the number of young men being diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. 

PHEN Addressing Prostate Cancer Overtreatment

PHEN President Thomas Farrington raised the issue of prostate cancer overtreatment in his book "Battling The Killer Within" in 2001. PHEN continues to address this issue aggressively... 

PHEN's Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit 2014: September 25th and 26th
PHEN will celebrate its 10th Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit on September 25th - 26th... 
Decline seen in PSA screening after 2012 USPSTF recommendations

"These effects were more immediate and pronounced in the urban/academic setting, and more gradual in suburban and rural settings."

Thomas Farrington Receives Award from 100 Black Men of America, Inc.
Thomas A. Farrington, PHEN President and Founder, received the Leadership in Health and Wellness Award from the 100 Black Men of America Inc. for his work in Prostate Cancer education and awareness... 
Separate PSA Test Guidelines for High Risk and Average Risk Men Needed
Prostate cancer early detection testing using the PSA test is one of the most controversial subject in medicine today... 
Glenda F. Newell-Harris, M.D
Karen Winkfield, M.D., Ph.D.
Ms. Juarez P. Farrington
PHEN Monthly Webcasts with Church Partners
Educational Symposium: African American Prostate Cancer Crisis
September Webcast-Powerpoint

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