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PHEN Releases “Your Prostate Health Minute” PSA Campaign for Black History Month

PHEN president and founder, Thomas A. Farrington records PSAs for Black History Month.

African American men with prostate cancer have significantly lower PSA density than Caucasian men
"Active surveillance criteria that were predictive in Caucasian men were not accurate in African  American men..active  surveillance criteria do not include race as a variable."
Exercise and Other Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Protect Against Lethal Prostate Cancer

Vigorous exercise and other healthy lifestyle habit may reduce their chances of developing a lethal type of prostate cancer by up to 68%

Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance Quality Questioned

Only 4.5% of Medicare patients on active surveillance or watchful waiting for prostate cancer are monitored as closely as they should be.

Are black men with prostate cancer getting inferior care?

A Harvard study finds many black men with prostate cancer face higher costs and delays in treatment.

PSA Tests Cut Metastatic Prostate Cancer Rate by 50%
Dr. D'Amico said that the latest recommendation against PSA screening by the United states Preventive Services Task Force is likely to reverse this trend...
The Government's War Against Men's Health Is About to Get Much Worse
Forbes: Benjamin Davies writes about a move to monetize primary care physicians not to provide PSA screening for prostate cancer.
Moving Forward With the Fight Against Prostate Cancer
By: Thomas A. Farrington, PHEN President and Founder - A Mediaplanet editorial distributed by USA Today, Sept. 18, 2015 
PHEN joins Janssen in releasing "My Prostate Cancer Roadmap,”

A resource for advanced prostate cancer survivors.
Addressing the Imbalance in Prostate Health
By: Jonathan Simons, MD, President and CEO, Prostate Cancer Foundation - A Mediaplanet editorial distributed by USA Today, Sept. 18, 2015 
Evander Holyfield Goes Toe-to-Toe with Prostate Cancer

Five-time heavyweight boxing champion joins the fight against prostate cancer

Reduced Prostate Cancer Screening Could Miss Advanced Cancer

Recommendation against regular screening 'puts men at greater prostate cancer risk'

PHEN Guidance on Early Detection Testing

Baseline PSA testing beginning at age 40 for African American and other men at high risk for prostate cancer....

PHEN Mobilizes Black Prostate Cancer Survivors to Help Shape New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines
2012 USPSTF Recommendation Against PSA Testing did not Adequately Assess the Needs of Black Men
Dr. Nelson Bennett Bio
January Webcast-Powerpoint
Task Force Comments
PHEN Comments on USPSTF PSA Screening Recommendation
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