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PHEN Summit: Increasing African American Participation in Clinical Trials

Increasing African American Participation in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Prostate Cancer Isn't Colorblind

New York Times editorial written by Dr. Lannis Hall, et al, July 27, 2016
August Webcast: PSA Test is Best at Predicting Lethal Prostate Cancer

Presenter: kathryn M. Wilson, ScD
Research Associate, Epidemiology, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

PHEN Summit: Prostate Cancer Early Detection Screening - The Next Chapter

The summit convenes survivors and leaders within medicine, research, government industry and the community to address policy and medical issues towards eliminating the racial disparity.

Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Charlotte, Atlanta and More Churches Generate Excitement at PHEN Symposiums!

Nationwide educational events to educate and mobilize communities, prostate cancer survivors, wives and caregivers!