2018 Fatherís Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer

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PHEN will carry out its "10th Annual Fatherís Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer" in partnership with churches nationwide on Sunday, June 18th. The Rally takes place within each church through the recognition and special prayer for prostate cancer survivors, their family members and the families of those who have lost loved ones the disease.

PHEN provides ongoing support to its church partners through education and awareness activities and resources which include:

  • Posters for each church to increase prostate cancer knowledge and awareness, and to direct church members to PHENís website for access to online educational resources
  • PHEN TV programs available online for presentation within churches and other community venues.
  • Speakers and materials for church programs and events.
  • Access to PHENís monthly live webcasts.
  • Online support for newly diagnosed men, survivors and their loved ones.

*There is no cost to churches for participation in the Fatherís Day Rally*

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