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Increasing African American Participation in Clinical Trials e-Newsletter

Gerren Wilson (Genentech), Sandra Amaro (Pfizer), Adrelia Allen (Merck) and Jovonni Spinner (FDA) joined Keith Crawford (PHEN) to discuss strategies to address the challenge of increasing diversity in clinical trials.

Congressman Gregory W. Meeks Presents at African-American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit

Congressman Gregory W. Meeks presents at PHEN's Fifteenth Annual African-American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit.

The African American Disparity - Biology or Access?

Daniel George MD (Duke) and Brandon Mahal MD (Dana-Farber) speak on unequal access to treatment and biological/genetic differences. 
Increasing African American Participation in Clinical Trials

Keith Crawford MD PhD (PHEN) and panelists discuss strategies towards increasing diversity in clinical trials enrollment.
New Developments in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Richard Lee MD PhD (Mass General) presents an update of the prostate cancer treatment paradigm with
An Initiative to Address Veterans Needs

Mr. Arnold J. Merriweather, a Vietnam Veteran, speaks on his efforts in Jacksonville, FL with veterans in the fight against prostate cancer.